White Rhino Slot

White Rhino Slots

The five-reel White Rhino slot game rewards players with bonuses like free spins, two randomly awarded progressive jackpots, and re-spins. Win as much as 30,000 coins, too. These are all reasons why so many players find White Rhino slots a rewarding choice.

Prizes Vary But Are All Worthwhile

At the bottom of the paytable, prizes range from 5 to 100 when you get at least three matching symbols. If the white rhino helps form a win, prizes triple. That means the canteen or lenses increase from 5 to 100 credits to 15 to 300. The binoculars and ostrich normally pay 5 to 150 and the jaguar and gazelle are worth up to 250. Finally, there's an elephant worth up to 300. All those symbols need three matches to win a prize.

The gorilla (2 to 1,000 credits) and Jeep (3 to 2,500) require just a pair of matching symbols in order to win a prize. The best prize of all comes from the female, and she pays as much as 10,000 in the normal game, but this grows to 30,000 if the white rhino helps form the win.

White Rhino slots has two scatters. The guide and Mount Kilimanjaro pay 1 to 200 or 2 to 500 respectively. They also trigger bonus free spins. The white rhino is the wild that triples winnings on pay lines it helps form.

Bonus Features

Get at least three guides on the screen and win 10 free spins. During all free games, winnings are tripled if the white rhino appears in the pay line. There's a second bonus feature involving Mount Kilimanjaro. When at least two of these scatters appear, you get a re-spin with the Kilimanjaro scatters frozen in place.

White Rhino also has dual progressive jackpots that the computer awards at random. You never know when a winner will be selected, so the more you play, the better the chances of winning these substantial jackpots.

Don't miss the adventurous time to be found in White Rhino slots. Imagine the feeling of winning the 30,000 top prize on a dollar bet. Your potential return on your minimal wager is certain to put a smile on your face.