Warlocks Spell Slot

Looking for a magical game to play? Try Warlocks Spell slot. For a maximum of $5 per pay line, you bet as much or as little as you'd like on up to 20 pay lines. Bets start at a penny per line, so you can easily activate all 20 pay lines and not pay more than 20 cents per spin. With that token bet, you might win a randomly awarded progressive jackpot, the Potion Prize bonus, or one of the many normal payouts.

Prizes in the Regular Game

In Warlock's Spell slots, symbols range from standard poker symbols (9, 10, J, Q, K, A) to the wild witches/warlocks. They make it easy to win big as they help form winning pay lines by replicating other symbols. The bottom of the paytable has prizes of 5 to 250, depending on the symbol and number of times it appears.

When you get to the potions and ball, you need just two symbols to win 3 credits, but you can win as much as 500 credits. The black cat is worth as much as 5,000, but the witch and warlock take the cake at up to 10,000 credits.

Potion Prize Bonus Details

Get at least three of the Spell Book scatters and trigger this bonus feature. You stand to win anywhere from 8 to 100 free spins, and during those rounds, all winnings grow with the help of the 3x multiplier.

Winning the Progressive Jackpot

There's no trick to winning the progressive jackpot. It's awarded at the end of a turn, and no one knows who the next lucky winner will be. As long as you're playing for real money, you stand to win this substantial pot. Play Warlock's Spell slot and see how much you can win. A $5 bet and 10,000 credit win could lead to a very satisfying payout. The game offers auto play if you want to set up the computer to spin for you. You can also easily shut auto play off with a click of the button.